Video Cameras Let Us Make a Little History

As an early and enthusiastic proponent of the video camera as a time machine, I really enjoyed the story about the “video diary” Mina Johnson is making for her future family to watch 30 years from now (“Private Eyes,” July 25).

Making a video letter specifically meant to be viewed in the future is the most important thing you can do with a camera.

Unconvinced? Well, suppose you were rummaging in the attic one day and found a dusty can of film. Inside was a short film made by your grandparents when they were in their early 20s, inviting you back to meet family and friends, visit where they lived and worked, take a tour of the city and the “old neighborhood,” hear about some issues of the day and learn what they expected life in far-off 1991 to be like.

Admit it. You’d love watching it.



Los Angeles