2 Sides to 'Sexual Conspiracy'

I support Congressman Dannemeyer's contention that there are individuals in influential positions in government who stand to gain from supporting the homosexual cause in America. And I agree that surveys about sexual behavior serve to arouse interest among teen-agers in the perverse side of sexual activity.

Bashing the gay community isn't the answer, because I believe they are human beings looking for love, just like the rest of us. We can destroy the sin without destroying the sinner. The only hope for parents to protect their teen-agers from the parasites who seek to promote the homosexual agenda among a fresh group of hosts is to plan to provide their children with a God-centered love that is unconditional. Then if the teen-agers are forced to compare lifestyles, the love of a family and relationships based on God-centered moral values will be the one that offers life and true love.


Santa Fe Springs

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