2 Sides to 'Sexual Conspiracy'

In reference to Tim Rutten's article ("One Congressman's Fight Against a Sexual 'Conspiracy,' " Aug. 9):

So, Rep. (William) Dannemeyer wishes to kill off a proposed survey on the sexual behavior of teen-agers by the federal Department of Health because he "believes" that the department is infiltrated by homosexual conspirators. So what else is new?

We now live in an era of sexual McCarthyism, and the fact that a proposed study could produce the data necessary to understand the problem of sexually transmitted diseases in teen-agers--and thus save a lot of kids from a possible horrible death--goes right by the boards because some paranoid public official just doesn't want the subject to come to light. Brush it under the rug . . . maybe it'll go away, hmm?

How silly. Not to mention tragic.



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