‘Let the Scouts Stay’ at Catalina Campsite

This is in response to Ron Taylor’s article “Scouts Out at Catalina” (Times, Aug. 17).

Let’s see if we can convince the Catalina Island Co. to let the Scouts continue their campsite and select another site for the Cousteau Society. I’m a founding member of the Cousteau Society, and I was a member of BSA Troop No. 1, Santa Monica, and among the first to open Emerald Bay Camp in 1924. We had four WWI tents with eight cots in each tent; cooked over open fires with fire by friction or flint stone. We had a baby goat mascot and carved objects in soapstone mined from around the point. The Sea Scouts had a launch there on the pier. Our troop started several campsites in Southern California.

I think the isthmus would be a much better location for Cousteau, more accessible--several coves in the area.

Let the Scouts stay!