OXNARD : El Rio Water Co. Guarantees Payment


The city of Oxnard on Thursday moved a step closer to permanently supplying water to a portion of the El Rio area, amending an agreement to acquire the El Rio Mutual WaterCo.

The agreement calls for the city to continue supplying water to 92 customers in the unincorporated area north of Oxnard.

It began delivering water in January after a high level of nitrates were found in wells operated by El Rio.


Under terms of the amendment, the water company guarantees payment of the customers’ monthly water bills until completion of the transfer.

Also included in the amended agreement is a provision that a portion of the El Rio area served by the water company will eventually be annexed to Oxnard and be included in the city’s redevelopment area.

Annexation will occur in seven years unless the residents protest.

When escrow closes Oct. 16, assets of the water company will be transferred to the city.