More on Bree Walker

Regarding KFI’s plunge into privacy of pregnancy (“Bree Walker Blasts KFI’s Baby Talk,” Calendar, Aug. 17), what has happened to the individual’s privacy and right to make decisions? Whether someone else is affected mentally or physically, knowingly or unknowingly, it is that person’s life, and the answer is in the Bible: “What is that to thee, follow thou Me.”

If Walker and Jim Lampley want the joy of their own children and to transfer their values to their progeny, let them beget a life.

I have a sister now in her 80s who had polio at age 2. After a number of operations through her growing-up years, she still limped a bit but no longer walked on the side of her foot. She learned to dance quite gracefully and enjoy herself. With her pretty face and ways, sweetness, kindness and lovableness, her life has been an inspirational success and blessing to our family and others she has met. No one ever saw or guessed the anguish and pain she no doubt experienced.

This was our parents’ gift and heritage to her. Because much was expected of her, she gave more, which benefited countless persons.


God will bless people like the Walker-Lampleys with the love, courage and joy necessary to be blessed and bestow blessings.