CLIPBOARD : The Three-Bedroom Ideal


The three-bedroom model is the most popular among new-home buyers in California, accounting for nearly half the houses sold in 1990. And customers in Orange County had comparatively good luck with this market last year.

According to a survey by the Construction Industry Research Board, the average price for a three-bedroom home in Orange County was amog the highest in Southern California. It was, however, about the same level as in 1989. and, the average size increased 5%.

Meanwhile, all around Orange County average prices increased. The average size in contiguous counties also jumped, but none of them at the same pace as prices. (Only in Ventura County did average price and size both shrink.)


Orange County’s price-per-square-foot rate is also mong the highest in the Southern California area, less expensive than only Ventura County.Here’s how those measures compare; the prices are rounded to the nearest $100, areas to the nearest five square feet and prices per square foot to the nearest nickel:

Average % Change Average Size % Change County Price from 1989 (Square feet) from 1989 Orange $288,400 * 1,910 +5 Los Angeles 258,600 +11 1,790 +3 Riverside 176,700 +15 1,755 +5 San Bernardino 154,000 +6 1,695 +4 San Diego 244,100 +9 1,810 +3 Ventura 294,400 -2 1,875 -5 STATEWIDE $188,900 +3 1,725 +1

*Change is less than 1%. 1990 PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT Orange County: $151.00 Los Angeles: $144.45 Riverside: $100.70 San Bernardino: $90.85 San Diego: $134.85 Ventura: $157.00 Statewide: $109.50 Source: Construction Industry Reseaarch Board