Valley Needs Own District

When will the people of the San Fernando Valley realize that the only way out of the budget cuts on our schools is to form our own school district? The Los Angeles Unified School District, as it stands now, is much too big to handle for just a small group of administrators.

Even though the formation of what I have termed the San Fernando Valley Unified School District will sting the Los Angeles district at first, it will be considerably less cumbersome and in the long run benefit everyone concerned.

With fewer schools and programs to handle, the Los Angeles district could concentrate on those districts that need the money that are in greater need. In the same light, the Valley district would be able to manage the affairs of the Valley schools by people who live in the Valley.

Of course, I am sure that the Los Angeles district would not appreciate losing such affluent areas as Sherman Oaks and Encino. But when my children's school cannot even provide paper to do their work on, there has to be some sacrifice so that our kids can get the proper education that we pay taxes for.



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