San Onofre

An accidental pesticide spill was discovered at the San Onofre truck weighing station, county health officials said Wednesday.

About 40 gallons of mixed pesticides were inadvertently released from a 55-gallon drum carried by a truck that stopped at the southbound Interstate 5 station Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 p.m., officials said. It is not yet known how or where the spill occurred, but officials believe it began somewhere between the station and the Sand Canyon Avenue off-ramp, about an hour's drive north in Irvine.

Officials believe 20 gallons of chemicals dripped from the drum onto the freeway. An estimated 20 gallons saturated the truck bed.

No complaints were reported by personnel at the truck weighing station. But several drivers traveling behind the truck called the the health department to complain of noxious odors. Anyone in the area who believes he came into contact with the material and seeks more information should contact the San Diego Regional Poison Center at 543-6000.

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