Brentwood : Hearing on Pool Hall

The Planning Committee of the Los Angeles City Council is expected to hold a hearing Tuesday on whether a controversial Brentwood restaurant, bar and pool hall can continue to operate.

Neighbors of Q's Billiard Parlor, 11835 Wilshire Blvd., have long complained that the so-called yuppie pool hall has been a nuisance since it opened two years ago. Residents whose units face the alley behind the business say that drunken patrons create late-night traffic, noise, and parking problems, commit vandalism, and sometimes threaten people who complain.

Yossi Kviatkovsky, one of the owners, argues that these problems were eliminated when the business reduced its hours. The owner said the restaurant has hired security guards on bikes to keep order and that videotapes taken by management will prove that the pool hall is now an orderly place.

The Board of Zoning Appeals last May granted the facility a conditional-use permit to continue operation. The permit was granted with the understanding that the pool hall close two hours earlier. Tuesday's hearing is the result of an appeal, filed by neighbors, of that decision.

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