U.S. Relations With Israel

President Bush's speech to the United Nations and your editorial ("Repealing a Resolution of Hate," Sept. 24), both advocating repeal of the 1975 Zionism-equals-racism resolution, absolutely stunned me by their dishonesty. Let me concede that the ideal of Zionism may not be racist; let's just stick to the facts. There are many but one proves the point: Israeli law makes it a crime to sell or lease land to an Arab--even if that Arab is an Israeli citizen.

Would you and George Bush like to try convincing the American people that that is not racist? A significant minority of Israeli Jews demonstrate, write or speak out continually against the racist practices of the Israeli government.

Most people will assume the President asked for the repeal to mollify Israel and the pro-Israel lobby for holding up the loan guarantees. He fooled no one; he embarrassed us before the world and further damaged his credibility.

The pragmatic necessity of making constituents happy is understood. But, in this instance, both The Times and the President have pleased a small component of Americans and insulted the vast majority.

DONALD S. BUSTANY, President, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Los Angeles

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