CAL STATE NORTHRIDGE : Student Senate Censures Member

The Cal State Northridge Associated Students Senate overwhelmingly approved a resolution stating it has no confidence in a student senator who has had ongoing problems with gay and bisexual students.

The resolution, which passed Tuesday with 15 votes and four abstentions, stated that written and verbal statements made by Bill Gropp Jr. criticizing gays and bisexuals do not reflect the feelings of the majority of the senate.

"This is a political statement saying we have no confidence in the ability of Sen. Gropp," said Sal Damji, student body vice president. Gropp said he believes the resolution violates his freedom of speech. "I feel the punishment was unfair."

Members of a gay and bisexual student group had asked the senate to remove Gropp from office because of his public statements condemning their lifestyle. Gropp's term ends this semester.

"No one is completely satisfied with this resolution," said David Weiss, student body president. "Those who want him removed feel it is a cop-out. Sen. Gropp feels it is censorship."

Damji said the no-confidence vote was an effort on the part of other senators to disassociate themselves from Gropp's "obsessions with the gay and lesbian and community."

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