Insurance Rebates

I enjoyed the irony of the publication of Robert Jones’ column (Oct. 23) questioning the motivation of my Proposition 103 rollback orders on the same day we announced a $104-million rebate agreement with the Auto Club of Southern California.

While I recognize that many people doubt they will ever see a rollback check, they should not doubt my commitment to forcing insurers to obey the law. We will continue to press for the maximum rebate permitted by law, and add 10% annual interest on the bills of those who delay.

Notwithstanding Jones’ understandable skepticism, public officials can deliver on the promise of democratic government if they aggressively represent the interest of the voters who elected them. So consumers should keep up the pressure on their insurers and like your columnist, call their company and ask for their rebates.

A recent Times’ editorial (Aug. 19) also advocated this course of action. Who knows? If enough policyholders demand what they are owed, even the most intransigent insurance companies might finally start listening to their customers instead of their lawyers.



Insurance Commissioner