COUNTYWIDE : Telephone Caller’s Bomb Report False

An anonymous caller phoned Orange County Supervisor Harriett M. Wieder’s office Wednesday afternoon and said a bomb had been planted on the Hall of Administration’s fifth floor, officials said.

The bomb scare, phoned in about 3:45 p.m., prompted Wieder’s aides to evacuate their suite of offices in the Santa Ana building and gather in a nearby reception area, but a squad sent by the Sheriff’s Department found no bomb.

“At this time, it doesn’t look like there’s anything there,” Sheriff’s Lt. Richard J. Olson said. “We’re checking out the premises, though.”

Supervisor Roger R. Stanton, the board’s vice chairman, allowed workers to decide whether to stay or evacuate the building. A few left, but most chose to remain, county officials said.


Sandy Ward, an executive assistant to Supervisor Harriett Wieder, said a man called Wieder’s office with the threat.

“He said something like, ‘There’s a bomb and you’d better evacuate because it’s going to go off in 15 minutes.’ ”