Bad Movies Deserve to Flop at Box Office

I was recently in the Los Angeles area on business and read the article "Film Industry Reeling Under Profit Plunge" (Sept. 2).

I could not believe the reasons stated for the "plunge." Being a businessman myself, if a product doesn't sell, I examine the product. Apparently the movie moguls want to peddle their trash and expect us to buy regardless of what the product is like.

They would do well to look at the latest polls on why people are not going to the movies. It has been a long time since I have taken my family to the movies because it has been a long time since a really good movie has come out of Hollywood.

They are filled with profanity, kinky sex and all types of junk. I, and apparently a lot of others, don't get our thrills from watching such garbage. We can see that for free downtown!


Ararat, Va

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