Bad Movies Deserve to Flop at Box Office

The solution is simple: Reduce the price of movie tickets!

Personally, I refuse to spend $7.50 for a ticket, plus $3.50 (or more) for parking--$11 just to see a movie? And who can afford popcorn and a Coke anymore?

I feel sorry for the kid in high school trying to take his date to the movies. He’s got to come up with $25, and how about poor dad wanting to take his family to see the newest Disney film? Sorry kids.

In the halcyon days of the $5 ticket, my movie attendance was every Saturday and sometimes Sunday as well, but $7.50--I won’t pay it.


And so it goes when you’re on unemployment, or your job is no longer secure, every $7.50 counts. Less money on the ticket price, higher attendance at the movies. Remember the Depression? Let me hide in the dark and forget my woes.


Los Angeles