Compton Community College District

Major election issues are budget cuts, quantity and quality of services, quality of leadership and the college's image

Enrollment: 5,600

Areas served: Paramount, Compton, Willowbrook and Lynwood

On the ballot: Three candidates, including one incumbent, in Area 1 covering Compton; two candidates, including one incumbent, in Area 3 covering Lynwood; and five candidates in Area 4 covering Paramount


Emily Hart-Hollifield

Board member since 1975

Age: 50

Profession: elementary school teacher

Residence: Compton

Remarks: "I think I should stay on the board because under my leadership the college survived its budget crunch and we were able to raise our curriculum standards."


Vernice Dredd

Age: 55

Profession: employment representative, state Employment Development Department.

Residence: Compton

Remarks: "I want to promote vocational training. We are in an era now when the emphasis is placed on vocational training rather than on any degree."

Carroll White

Age: 57

Profession: owner of landscaping and security businesses

Residence: Compton

Remarks: " I don't look at myself as a politician, but a concerned citizen recognizing that we need some changes."


Charlie Knight

Board member since 1983

Age: 59

Profession: superintendent, Ravenswood school district, East Palo Alto.

Residence: Lynwood

Remarks: "I'm the most knowledgeable person on the board. My background is such that I can provide greater scrutiny."


Kent Swift

Age: 30

Profession: county probation officer

Residence: Lynwood

Remarks: " Because of the demographics that the college has encountered--the African-American population that came into the college after the '60s and, more recently, the Hispanic population--we're looking at a serious need to expand the curriculum.


Francisco Gonzalez

Age: 28

Profession: sales manager, computer supply company

Residence: Paramount

Remarks: " Compton College doesn't get its fair share of representation and attention within our community. It needs a very strong trustee to represent Paramount."

Ignacio Pena

Age: 32

Profession: resource specialist, Paramount Unified School District

Residence: Paramount

Remarks: "I've been in education all my life. . I want to try to make some changes, to provide more services to our kids and our community."

Carmen Peterkin

Age: 23

Profession: receptionist

Residence: Paramount

Remarks: She favors updated classifications for classified employees "so that their salaries could be comparable to surrounding community college districts."

William Schlitz

Age: 21

Profession: aide to Rep. Mervyn M. Dymally (D-Compton)

Residence: Paramount

Remarks: " "With all the budget changes going on, it's important that there be a representative from an age group that can relate to the majority of people who use the community college."

Note: Candidate Herbert Collins, whose name will be on the ballot, has withdrawn from the race.

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