Ballot Measure on Irvine Co.'s Village 38 Project Finds a City Divided

I applaud the piece of investigative reporting on developers’ contributions to the various members of the Orange County Board of Supervisors (“O.C. Supervisors Rely on Developers to Win,” Oct. 27). While I’ve always suspected there was a definite relationship between the two groups, I was appalled at the percentage of contributions they have received from the developers for their campaigns.

An Oct. 28 story (“Irvine Is at Crossroads on Continued Growth”) was another story. It was a piece that could well have been written by the Irvine Co. and our Irvine City Council. The implication is that Measure B on the Nov. 5 ballot, a referendum signed by more than 8,000 Irvine residents, was there simply because of the discontented supporters of our former Mayor Larry Agran.

This could not be further from the truth. Both my husband and myself, along with most of the new entrants who have joined us in aligning ourselves with Irvine Tomorrow to fight this development, are registered Republicans who had nothing to do with either Mr. Agran or the former City Council. In no way do we consider this a partisan issue.

Ever since the majority council approved Village 38 (Measure B) and are in the process of approving another development, Northwood 5, we too have been wondering just why this council is so intent on pleasing the Irvine Co. After reading (the Oct. 27) story, I think we have had our question answered.