Pay Raises for County Officials

Editor's note: Because of an overwhelming response opposing the pay raise, the supervisors say they will rescind the raise they approved last week at this Tuesday's session. Here is some of the reaction to the raise received from readers.

Like many Orange County residents, I am dismayed that the Board of Supervisors slid through yet another pay raise. At this time, with California's unemployment rate higher than the national average, large layoffs and more and more and more people out of work within this county, such a move is a slap in the face to the people of Orange County.

Many companies, in order to avoid laying off employees and, for some, in an attempt to stay solvent, have this year decided to forgo raises, bonuses, etc. Such a move this year would have indicated possible concern for the situation facing the taxpayers at present. Apparently the board's greed prevents them from holding off awarding themselves raises.

I feel I owe Orange County an apology that my recall attempts of (Thomas F.) Riley and (Harriett M.) Wieder of three years ago were too overwhelming and failed. It appears that the board needs to learn the lesson the Legislature learned the hard way. It's time the Board of Supervisor's terms were limited. Are you listening Tom Riley?

Oh, well, Orange County . . . keep voting for them and this is what you get.


Costa Mesa

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