A Guide to the Best of Southern California : LANDMARKS : The Walls of Shame

The City of Fullerton has been slowly exposing a massive cover-up by its police department. The victim? A three-wall mural painted by the hard-edged co-founder of the post-surrealist movement, Helen Lundeberg, in 1942. This WPA (Work Projects Administration) artwork depicts the history of California from Juan Cabrillo's landing in 1542 to Southern California's entrance into the rail age in 1869.

The crime? Installing a false ceiling, punching holes for wiring and air-conditioning ducts, and painting over parts of the mural almost 30 years ago, when the department took over the city building. Capt. Richard Kvantz, who's waived his right to remain silent, says, "the mural is going to be restored." As evidence, he cites a $500,000 bond issue for the remodeling of the police building and an additional $22,000 raised by citizens' groups.

Fullerton Police Department, 237 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton.

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