PRO FOOTBALL DAILY REPORT : RAMS : Robinson Seeking Defensive Line Help

Although defensive linemen Karl Wilson (knee strain) and Bill Hawkins (back) both were examined and found to have no serious injuries, Coach John Robinson said it’s obvious the Rams need to add some sound defensive linemen.

In Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs, the Rams had to use Mike Charles, who signed Friday night, about a third of the time.

“We obviously are desperate in that area,” Robinson said. “We need to wade through (today) first of all to get the results of where we are and then go from there.

“We will have to contemplate some moves on the defensive line to shore ourselves up there.”


Robinson was impressed by the play of tailback Marcus Dupree and said Dupree earned extra time on the field.

“He’ll play more and more as we go,” Robinson said. “Did a nice job of catching the ball and running hard. Almost KO’d the guy that tried to tackle him.

“I think he’s a power runner, and he’s got some elusiveness. On all the runs he made, he had to move sideways or find a hole to get in there. But he ran with real power.”

Kansas City tailback Barry Word was awarded a touchdown Sunday on a lunge from one yard out, but Robinson said a review of the films said otherwise.


“He definitely didn’t score,” Robinson said. “I don’t think he was even close to being in. I mean his knee was down. The thing that’s tough is the guy that signals for the touchdown, he didn’t see anything. He was down.”