CAMARILLO : Top Water District Official Resigns

Camrosa Water District General Manager Gina Manchester, top administrator at the embattled district for the past three years, announced her resignation Wednesday.

Her resignation, which become effective March 18, comes in the wake of a recall election that unseated three of the members of the district.

Manchester, 48, has been employed in the district since 1983 and was promoted to the $76,000-a-year general manager’s position in 1988.

The district serves 8,200 residents and agricultural customers in the eastern portion of Camarillo and the Santa Rosa Valley.


The district’s administration and board of directors came under fire in May when a tiered water-rate policy was implemented to encourage conservation.

But some customers said the rate unfairly penalized them by tripling their bills when their water use decreased.

The board is entirely new, since a citizen’s group recalled the board members in November’s election and the two remaining board members chose not to run again.

Criticism of the water district management was directed at Manchester by recall supporters, and some new directors said they would consider her dismissal.

“About the only thing I can say about the district is that it is financially sound,” Director Ronald Vogel said before the meeting Wednesday.

“But from a management standpoint, it’s a disaster.”

But director Tad Mattock was opposed to Manchester’s firing, saying that continuity and stability of the district would be affected.