MOORPARK : College Adds Classes on Non-Europeans

Seeking to broaden Moorpark College's range of courses, officials are adding more classes about non-European cultures to the curriculum, a college official said.

For the spring semester, which begins Jan. 13, the college has revived classes in African-American literature and Chicano culture, which have not been offered recently, said Darlene Pacheco, vice president for instructional services.

"Academia has been very Euro-centric," Pacheco said.

The school may also add a new course called People and Cultures of the World, Pacheco said.

The college stopped offering African-American literature when the instructor left several years ago and no other English instructors felt qualified to teach it, Pacheco said.

This semester the course will be taught by Richard Edwards, the head of the English department, who recently boned up on the subject, Pacheco said.

"We felt that because we were committed to a policy of diversity we ought to try it and see what happens," said Sidney Adler, an English professor.

Five students signed up for the class during early registration in December, Adler said. The college usually requires at least 15 students in a class.

An anthropology course on Chicano culture will be offered for the first time since 1990 because the college has hired a new instructor who is qualified to teach it, Pacheco said.

The course focuses on the contributions made by Latinos to the culture of the United States, according to a 1989-90 course catalogue.

Six students enrolled for the class during early registration, Pacheco said.

Registration for spring semester classes will continue beginning Jan. 3.

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