‘91-92 The Year In Review. Los Angeles County: A Look Back : COURT CALENDAR

CONVICTED: In a case that became a national symbol of excess and arrogance in the thrift industry, Charles H. Keating Jr. was convicted in state court of defrauding investors of the failed Lincoln Savings & Loan’s parent company, American Continental Corp. Eight days later he was indicted in federal court on 77 counts of racketeering, bank fraud and other charges.

Onetime drug dealer and would-be Hollywood deal-maker Karen Greenberger and three bodyguards were found guilty of murder and kidnaping in what became known as the “Cotton Club” murder.

Juanita St. John, a longtime friend and business associate of Mayor Tom Bradley, was convicted of felony embezzlement and tax evasion. A mistrial was declared on a central allegation that she stole $178,000 from a city-funded Africa trade group.

SENTENCED: Seven former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were sentenced to prison terms ranging from two to five years for participating in a massive money-skimming scheme. The veteran narcotics deputies stole $893,000 during raids--crimes that scandalized the department.


Former federal drug agent Darnell Garcia, convicted of trafficking in stolen narcotics and laundering his illicit profits through Swiss bank accounts, was sentenced to 80 years in prison, closing a case that rocked the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

DISMISSED: Criminal charges were dismissed against two former Long Beach police officers who were secretly videotaped in a violent confrontation with black activist Don Jackson. Jurors deadlocked 11-1 for acquittal.

CONFESSED: Former State Sen. Alan Robbins confessed in federal court to misusing his office for personal financial gain, pleading guilty to racketeering and income tax evasion. Robbins is cooperating with federal investigators delving into Capitol corruption.

HOLLYWOOD CIVILITIES: Truth or Pare? A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered rock star Madonna to trim the hedges and a tree on her Hollywood Hills home after a neighbor filed suit against her claiming that the tall greens blocked his city view and reduced his property value.


It would be just another landlord tenant dispute, except that the tenant is Roseanne Arnold, who has been accused in a Santa Monica Superior Court lawsuit of living recklessly in a Benedict Canyon house, inflicting $205,000 in damages. Arnold’s attorney has accused the National Inquirer and the homeowners of concocting the story. Inquiring minds will have to wait for the case to be settled in court.