Countywide : Towing Firms Offer Drinkers Free Service

In a bid to cut down on drunk-driving accidents, North County towing companies are offering free rides and towing during the holidays.

The free service is part of a campaign sponsored by Miller Industries, a tow operation, and coordinated through the Towing & Recovery Assn. of America, a national industry group.

People needing aid through Wednesday can call one of the participating operators, and a tow truck will be sent to them for free. The only requirements are that the people must be taken home rather than to another party or business and that the vehicles to be towed must be operable. Vehicles will be towed up to 25 miles.

For free towing in Brea, phone Phillips Towing at (714) 520-2555 or Superior Towing at (714) 256-0631.

For free towing anywhere in North County, call (714) 771-7111.

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