When It Comes to Game of Life, He Has Been Dealt Four Aces

Dennis Schneider, a 60-year-old Lincoln, Neb., golfer, got another hole in one Thursday. That gave him four in the last nine years . . . the last two within six days.

A University of Nebraska music professor, Schneider aced a 210-yard, par-three hole on Dec. 20 with a four-wood shot that hit the green and rolled 20 feet into the cup. Thursday, he holed a seven-iron shot on a 157-yard hole, though he didn’t see it.

“I lost it in the sun,” he said. “It felt good, though. The fellow I played with said it was (going) right, but curving back to the green. Then he said: ‘I think that thing went in the hole.’ ”

Schneider’s feat recalls other notable hole-in-one achievements. From the 1991 Guinness Book of Sports Records:


--There have been 18 authenticated cases of a golfer scoring holes in one on consecutive holes.

--The longest recorded hole in one was 480 yards.

--The youngest golfer to make one was Coby Orr, 5, who sank a 103-yard shot on a San Antonio par-three course in 1975.

--The oldest to record a hole in one was Otto Bucher of Switzerland, who aced a 130-yard hole in Spain in 1985 at 99 years 244 days.


Then there’s Douglas Porteous, who in 1974 aced four holes of 39 played within five days on two courses in Glasgow, Scotland.

Bar none: Jose Canseco’s new candy bar, The Canseco! 40-40 Bar, capitalizing on his unique 40-home run, 40-stolen base season in 1988, went on sale in October. Half the royalties go to charity.

“Jose’s bar will be around for centuries, long after he’s no longer in baseball,” said Canseco’s agent, Jeff Borris.

Shula sham? Vito Stellino of the Baltimore Sun, on 32-year-old David Shula, new head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals:


” . . . There’s nothing in Shula’s background to indicate he’s likely to be a good head coach. He didn’t get along with Dan Marino in Miami or Troy Aikman in Dallas and was demoted by Cowboy Coach Jimmy Johnson before he left for Cincinnati this year.”

Trivia time: What was Joe DiMaggio’s salary in 1942, the year after he hit safely in 56 consecutive games, batted .357 and drove in 125 runs?

For what it’s worth: In the 1935 Notre Dame-Northwestern football game, Notre Dame’s star player was William Shakespeare . . . and Northwestern had an end named Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Move over, Wilt: In his 1991-1992 Basketball Abstract, David Heeren ranks Wilt Chamberlain No. 1 on the all-time list for total rebounds and rebounds per game.


But in Heeren’s formula for rebounding efficiency, rating a player’s rebounding totals compared with available rebounds during his time on the court, 11-year journeyman Swen Nater ranks No. 1.

Charles Oakley is second and Moses Malone third. Chamberlain is seventh on the list, Bill Russell 10th.

Trivia answer: $42,000, which included a $5,000 raise.

Quotebook: University of Miami Coach Dennis Erickson, on football fans: “A typical fan is a guy who sits on the 40, criticizes the coaches and the players and has all the answers. Then he leaves the stadium and can’t find his car.”