Woman Arrested in 'Foul-Mouthed Bandit' Bank Robberies

A 36-year-old woman dubbed the "Foul-Mouthed Bandit" by FBI agents was captured Friday in Eagle Rock after holding up her 46th bank, authorities said.

Mary Kathryn Suhm, a transient, is scheduled to be arraigned on federal bank robbery charges Monday, according to the FBI.

"She earned her nickname because she not only uses profanity, but she has an acne condition around her mouth," said FBI spokesman John Hoos. "She is believed to have spent all of the money buying narcotics and has apparently been living from motel to motel. She has very little to show for it"

Her string of holdups began Sept. 13, Hoos said. Eight of the bank robberies were in the San Fernando Valley and the others ranged from Upland to Long Beach. Authorities refused to disclose the total amount of money she allegedly took.

Friday's holdup was at the California Federal Bank branch on Eagle Rock Boulevard, authorities said. It was the second time she had robbed that bank, they said.

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