NLRB Rejects Charge Against MSL

From Associated Press

An unfair labor practice charge against the Major Soccer League was rejected by the National Labor Relations Board's regional director and the head of the players' association said Friday he probably will appeal.

The charge, filed in January, stemmed from last year's demand by owners that players accept a $100,000 salary cap reduction to $550,000 per team and a cut in the top individual from $70,000 to $60,000.

The union claimed MSL commissioner Earl Foreman, Baltimore Blast owner Ed Hale and Blast coach Ken Cooper threatened to blacklist players.

The MSL said Friday that the NLRB found the league "had in fact negotiatied with the union to reduce both the team and individual salary caps, that the parties had reached agreement on this point, and that the subsequent reductions were the result of lawful collective bargaining."

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