Don’t Extend Bailard Dump

I recently attended a meeting of the Oxnard Neighborhood Council to hear the Ventura Regional Sanitation District’s reasons why the permit for the Bailard Landfill should be extended.

Speaking on behalf of the district was Clint Whitney, who stated that the Bailard Landfill should never have been put there in the first place.

He admitted the landfill was polluted, and he acknowledged that any extension would have negative impacts.

At the same time he was telling the citizens of Oxnard, in his reasonable-sounding voice, that it is in our best interest to have the landfill extended.


Now, I know that there are suckers born every minute, but I hope Whitney does not find any in Oxnard.

I hope the people here will see him for what he is, a person who is being paid big bucks to see that Oxnard gets to have its polluted landfill for another five years.