School Board Didn't Listen

The parents of Montalvo's 497 students and I hope a few other Ventura parents know that it was not right to transfer schoolchildren from Buena High to Ventura High ("Boundary Vote Upsets Parents in Montalvo," March 12).

I was a member of the Parent Advisory Boundary Committee. I went to the board meeting prepared to accept the board's decision even though I felt it would not be in Montalvo's favor. I was being philosophical about it because I thought the board would accept one of the two plans the committee sent them. Instead, they shockingly created a new proposal and passed it unanimously.

In a few minutes, the months of work by the Parent Committee was disregarded. The board did not even do the committee the courtesy of voting on both of the high school plans sent to them.

Of course, I am upset over Montalvo's "expulsion" from Buena. But, I am even more upset over the way it was done. Ventura High is a good school; we'll fit in nicely and continue to contribute to a successful school and make it even better with the skills and talents we'll bring. But students' days of walking to school are over and our traditional ties to our Portola and Sierra neighbors are broken.


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