SAN FERNANDO VALLEY : Police Recover Items Looted During Riots

Los Angeles police are recovering items looted in the San Fernando Valley during four days of violence and thievery--everything from cases of soda to personal stereos.

Police won't put a dollar amount on the stolen items that they have found since Monday, but instead quantify the booty in terms of how many parking spaces it occupies. Officer Karl Schott explained Thursday that an average parking space piled five feet high is the unit used to measure the items.

Using that standard, Schott said, officers in the Valley have recovered 2 1/2 parking spaces worth of stolen merchandise. It ranges from a few stolen cases of beer from Pacoima to stereos and televisions in Van Nuys.

Officers find much of the booty by following up on tips. Schott said there is no way to gauge how many more stolen items are outstanding.

"We'll keep looking," he said.

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