MOORPARK : Communications Building Is Praised

To many Moorpark College students, the school's new communications building has special powers.

Several students said the building, which officially opened Thursday, has caused them to delay graduation, consider changing majors or even choose new careers.

Adam Wilson, for example, said he should have graduated from the college last year.

"The reason I'm still here at this school is basically because of this building," Wilson, 23, said. "I delayed leaving."

As a radio and television major, Wilson stayed at the college to get one year's experience in the communications building's state-of-the-art television studio, although he could have graduated last year.

In addition to radio and television, the $2.4-million, 10,500-square-foot building also houses the graphic communications, graphic arts, journalism and photography departments, which were all previously scattered around campus.

Although classes began meeting in the building last fall, the college waited to hold the opening ceremony until most of the equipment became fully operational.

The main feature of the new building is its equipment, which uses the latest technologies in all the communications disciplines. Students said they expect to have an easier time getting jobs because of their familiarity with new technology.

In the new television studio, for instance, "you learn pretty much everything, directing, lighting, editing, how to do a live show," Wilson said.

And graphic arts instructor Sexton Stewart said his students will learn such new tricks as transferring computer images to film.

"Now I can really tell the students that what you see here is what you find in industry," Stewart said.

He added that he is as excited as his students over the new equipment.

"It really gives me a shot of energy," said Stewart, who has been teaching at the college for 15 years. "It's a new toy."

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