Youth Hopes Cry for Peace Will Be Heard

I have but little to say, with all that is happening around us. I was taught as a little girl, that everyone is equal. But now as I grow up, I have come to learn: "that we are told we are equals, but not treated as equals."

I also sent a drawing that pretty much speaks for itself. It's time for the world to move forward, and learn that a person is a person and no person should see colors. Just people. People that need to unite, to bring peace to (the) world we live in.

Why you, you ask? Why I sent you this? 'Cause maybe, just maybe you would print it in the paper. And people would see it. And they would take a moment to realize that what happened was not right. And next time they will stop it from happening again.

From a person who is only 19 years of age. Someone that has begun her life, would like to make a difference for her future.

The drawing has a burning effect that best describes what has happened.

I'm not black.

I'm not white.

But only a simple

Person that sees

No color.

I'm a Hispanic young girl

Crying for peace.



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