Candidate Responds

Your newspaper recently endorsed the candidacy of my Republican opponent, for the State Assembly 77th District.

Although the Los Angeles Times has not published a single article about my qualifications, you concluded that I was a ". . . relatively unknown Democrat . . ." with little chance of defeating the GOP.

It's your job to inform the public. To write off a candidate six months before the election is to fail your responsibility to the voters. To conclude that a person is not sufficiently popular to win, without making an effort to learn more about that candidate, only serves to perpetuate insider politics and locks out the other qualified people.

I am a former Marine Corps officer and combat veteran with a BA from California State University. I'm now a child advocate. I represent children accused of crimes. In many instances I am the last chance to save a child before he or she is lost forever.

To truly understand the failures of our society and the great challenge that lies ahead, your endorsed candidate should leave his plush office and boardroom and spend a day with me at Juvenile Hall.

To determine who is the more qualified candidate, why not properly report the relative campaigns and let the voter decide?

I promise you and the readers of this letter that no candidate in this race is more committed to our children or the future of this state than I am.


Democratic Candidate

77th Assembly District

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