Bates’ ‘Hit Piece’

In a recent mailing (Patricia) Bates warns voters against fraudulent “official” Republican organization endorsements by her opponents (in the 73rd Assembly District Republican primary), then by the clever use of words leads us to believe that because she has the endorsement of the California Republican Assembly (CRA), she also has the endorsement of the California Republican Party.

We all know, or should be aware, that the California Republican Party does not endorse any candidates in primary elections. Further, the CRA is the only one of many Republican organizations that are recognized by the party.

In the same mailing, (Bates) also warns us about expected future “hit pieces” from her opponents that will attempt to smear her. Her warning mailing is in itself a “hit piece” against all the Republican candidates on the ballot with her. She takes it upon herself to tell us why each one of her opponents is not as qualified as she is.

I think Pat should stick to the issues in this campaign.



Mission Viejo