Minnesota Gymnastics Coach Fired After Team Sees Alleged Sex Tape

From Associated Press

The University of Minnesota women's gymnastics coach was fired Tuesday after she accidentally gave members of her team a videotape that included sex scenes involving her and her husband, an assistant coach, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Katalin Deli was fired by Chris Voelz, women's athletic director, who said Deli's contract will end effective June 30. Gabor Deli resigned, effective June 15.

The Pioneer Press quoted two unidentified gymnasts as saying that a sex scene on the videotape involved the Delis, and that it lasted about five minutes.

According to university sources, all of whom asked for anonymity, Gabor Deli gave team members the tape by mistake early this year. "What happened is Gabor thought he was giving team members a tape of their most recent meet," one source told the Pioneer Press. "The meet was actually on the tape, but when it ended there was something else on the tape. A man and a woman were depicted on the tape as having sex."

Voelz, in a written statement announcing the action, did not give reasons for firing Deli and did not mention a videotape.

Katalin Deli said she was told by Voelz that she was fired because of "past NCAA violations." She said she had filed charges for "sex discrimination and national origin" with the Equal Employment Opportunity Office. The Delis defected from Hungary in 1971.

Deli, who has been coach since 1973, confirmed that the tape existed but refused to comment about it.

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