X-Ray Worker Gets 14 Years for Sex Crimes


An X-ray technician was sentenced Thursday to 14 years in state prison for sexually assaulting two female patients at Coronado Hospital in November.

Oscar Figueroa, a 35-year-old parolee who learned about X-ray technology while in prison on multiple armed robbery convictions, was convicted May 15 on two felony counts of rape with a foreign object and three counts of felony sexual battery.

“I cannot apologize for anything I did not do,” Figueroa told Municipal Court Judge Howard H. Shore before the maximum sentence was handed down.

Saying that it was “insulting to suggest that a woman doesn’t know when she’s penetrated,” Shore said Figueroa has “all the classic symptoms of an anti-social personality,” with no concern for others.


Both victims testified that Figueroa placed stickers on their breasts for no medical reason while he was taking X-rays.

One of the victims, a 26-year-old woman, also testified that Figueroa gave her an unauthorized pelvic and rectal “examination.”

“The complete trust that I handed over to the hospital was a mistake,” the victim said in court Thursday. “I was not safe.”

In asking for the maximum sentence, Deputy Dist. Atty. Patricia Atwill said “the victims were particularly vulnerable in the hospital setting.”

Figueroa was an employee of an independent company that contracted with the hospital.