Oliver North, Ice-T and the U.S. Constitution

Even though I am not a fan of Ice-T, I feel he has been criticized unjustly.

If the Supreme Court can rule that cross burning is an expression of free speech, why can't one verbally express what he chooses?

Ice-T cannot sing anything that would compete with the works of the KKK or Adolph Hitler! I had tried for weeks to overlook this one-sided justice. However, I could no longer be quiet. That smooth-talking criminal, Oliver North, stated in the L.A. Times that he was "calling on governors in all 50 states to bring criminal proceedings against Time Warner for distributing the record."

No recording can be compared with the crime North committed. Oliver, don't buy the record, if that's your choice. Don't try to stop me and others from buying it if we choose! We, too, have a choice.



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