Clean Air and Healthy Economy

The San Gabriel Valley Commerce and Cities Consortium supports the findings of the Special Commission on Air Quality and the Economy.

As a coalition of both the public and private sectors, we have a vested interest in the quality of life within the region--not only for ourselves, but for our children. However, we agree that there must be a balance created between the desire for clean air (and the speed by which we get it) and a sound, healthy economy.

The professionals at AQMD are charged with improving air quality, period. Perhaps their charge should read, "Improve air quality while maintaining the viability of the California economy." Clean air and a healthy economy are not mutually exclusive and, in fact, are interdependent.

By definition, this has not always been the responsibility of the AQMD, and rightly so. But the political and economic climates dictate that the time is now to include economic factors in the decision-making process.

Jobs count, both in top-level policy-making and day-to-day interaction with individual businesses. Certainly the AQMD can keep one eye on the economy while cleaning the air. The Special Commission has provided the AQMD with the opportunity to establish a link between a stable economy and a healthy environment.

We believe this new attitude will give Californians what they want: a healthy place to live and work. As the current saying goes: "Quality of Life Requires Jobs!"


Executive Vice President

San Gabriel Valley

Commerce and Cities Consortium

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