Pro-Choice Republicans Challenge Ferguson

In an attempt to discredit a legitimate and responsible bipartisan organization, (Assemblyman) Gil Ferguson (R-Newport Beach), in his July 18 Commentary ("Abortion Issue Should Not Be Dividing GOP"), implies that Pro-Choice Orange County is some sort of Democratic front. His statement is untrue and unfair.

Pro-Choice Orange County is a bipartisan political action committee dedicated to a single issue, the protection of a woman's right to choose. Sponsors of the organization include Republican elected officials such as U.S. Sen. John Seymour, Supervisor Harriett Wieder and (Newport Beach) Councilwoman Evelyn Hart, and many prominent local Republicans, including John and Martha Killefer, Tricia Nichols, Betty Steele and Janice Johnson.

To ensure fairness, the PAC maintains four co-chairs, two Republicans and two Democrats; our criteria for endorsement require only that a candidate be pro-choice and electable. Using these criteria, the PAC has endorsed and supported multiple Republican candidates, including Tom Campbell, Judy Ryan, Wieder and Dana Reed. In fact, we have endorsed significantly more Republicans than Democrats.

Pro-Choice Orange County's goal is the election of pro-choice candidates, period. Our ideal is an election in which a pro-choice Republican faces a pro-choice Democrat, a race in which a woman's freedom of choice is not at risk.

NANCY SKINNER, Republican Co-Chair, Pro-Choice Orange County

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