Not Open to Criticism

At a recent open forum for the Somis Union Elementary School District, those wishing to speak were asked to sign forms stating their positions, pro or con. Unfortunately, there apparently was too little time to accommodate all of those disagreeing with the school board.

Following the open forum, Trustee President Alda Perry proceeded with a prepared, 20-minute dissertation, complete with cue cards, charts and graphs. Since there was obviously some dissent, Perry promised a 20-minute question-and-answer period later in the meeting.

Finally, just before 11 p.m., Perry could postpone questions no longer. By that time, the audience was considerably smaller, and questions were fewer. There can be only three possible reasons for the postponement of the question period: Perry wanted to either exercise her power over the audience or display discourtesy to the audience, or she hoped that the opposition would go home.

So much for an open forum at a Somis board meeting with all sides allowed equal time.


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