Better Way to Learn

I read an interesting article in your newspaper on June 3 ("Frogs Make Leap Into Lesson Plan"). It told about 45 amphibians being entered in races and some being dressed in tiny clothes. As part of a science project in a 5th-grade classroom in Thousand Oaks, the students also learned what frogs eat, how they reproduce, the myths and fairy tales surrounding frogs and other educational facts. I enjoyed the article and the pictures very much.

That evening I heard another tale about frogs that had happened that very day in a 7th-grade science class in Camarillo. This class also was studying frogs--only they were cutting their little dead bodies apart. There was no doubt in my mind as to which way I preferred frogs to be studied.

My congratulations go to the innovative, resourceful teacher in Thousand Oaks for using such creative teaching methods.

And a thousand boos to the antiquated, old-fashioned, outmoded, disgusting methods still being used in Camarillo.

EVELYN J. BURNS, Camarillo

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