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Would Californians be willing to pay more for consumer goods if it meant that jobs now held by undocumented workers would be given to legal residents at a livable wage? STEVEN BROOKS, an auto mechanic from Long Beach, told The Times:

With so many Americans out of work, it only seems fair and appropriate that any jobs available be offered to U.S. citizens first. In many countries, jobs are only offered to legal residents. Why must America allow those who are illegal to take wages from our own citizens?

I for one would be more than willing to pay more for what I buy if it meant that I was providing a job for a fellow American and at a wage that was livable. I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to make a living. But when it comes to the welfare of our own citizens, then we must make every effort--including those who employ undocumented workers--to offer these jobs to legal residents.

I know many people come to this country to seek a better life. I applaud them and I wish them luck. But we cannot tolerate those who are not legal residents to take jobs that should be filled by legal residents. It's equally wrong for the employer who hires these people and pays them below-minimum wages.

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