Perhaps you've seen Diz McNally tending the coffee bar at the Bourgeois Pig in Hollywood, riding the bus (she doesn't drive much) or giving kids fashion tips on Nickelodeon's "Out of Control." But you haven't really seen Diz until you've seen her at home, where she takes individual style to new heights.

Diz doesn't have much furniture except for the neon-colored plastic baby chairs she bought from a street vendor. Instead, she devotes each nook and cranny of her one-bedroom Hollywood apartment to favorite movies, objects and idols. The Wizard of Oz corner, for example, is decorated with faux ruby slippers, vintage valentines with ear-wrenching phrases such as "I Like You Very Munchkin," a copy of the Wicked Witch's hat, emerald-green hand lotion and a green light bulb to give everything that Emerald City glow.

In the kitchen, kewpie dolls adorn the counters, and Diz pays homage to diet soda with a pyramid of 150 empty Tab cans. The only thing in the fridge is 200 bottles of nail polish for Diz's four-inch nails. An unused stove is covered with magnets, and the cabinets hold a video collection.

If you can find the hallway among the magazine pictures plastered on the walls, you might end up in Diz's boudoir, where vintage outfits and accessories hang as both ornament and ready-to-wear wardrobe. So far, Diz hasn't opened her personal museum for business--except to occasional tours for curious friends and television crews from Europe. She'd rather host her own comedy show for kids and bring her own dizzy reality to the little screen.

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