Looking for Ad-vice

My wife and I have been looking for an ad in the Travel Section that might look something like this:

THEATER PACKAGE TO NEW YORK! $1,995 per couple, (September or October) Includes: Air Fare L.A. (or San Diego) To New York & Return Transportation from Airport/Hotel/Airport 8 Nights In Theater-District Hotel Tickets To 3 Broadway Shows.

It isn't that we insist on seeing an ad exactly like this. We would settle for anything vaguely like it. Why are there no hotels and/or airlines advertising theater packages to New York? Is the Big Apple so busy in September and October that there is no profit in packaging? In 1989 we bought a package to London that included air fare, hotel for a week, bus and subway passes, theater tickets; and it cost $100 less than my suggested price above.


San Diego

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