COSTA MESA : Concessionaire’s Offer Turned Down

The City Council this week turned down a $1.25-million settlement offer from the former concession stand operator of the Costa Mesa Golf Course in a move that could set the stage for a long and tumultuous legal battle.

Harry S. Green Inc., which has run the concession at the city’s two golf courses for more than 15 years, filed a claim against the city in April after losing the contract to a competitor.

In an effort to settle the matter, Green’s attorney asked for $1.25 million to cover his client’s losses. As part of the offer, Green also agreed to drop another lawsuit filed by his son Tim against the city and former Councilman Orville Amburgey, city officials said.


The younger Green’s lawsuit alleges that city officials were behind an effort to have him fired from his father’s business. That case is still pending in state court.

City Atty. Thomas Kathe said the council did not agree to the offer and directed him to ensure that Green vacates the golf course by Sept. 1, when Mesa Verde Partners will take over.