Construction of Mall on Sunset Strip

This is an urgent bulletin to anyone who uses Sunset Boulevard in the Sunset Strip area.

A 135,000-square-foot strip mall is about to be constructed right under your nose by Raleigh Enterprises, just one mile from the Beverly Center and close to an even larger one at Crescent Heights Boulevard that is about to open.

Thanks to the City Council of West Hollywood, 8,000 to 9,000 more cars daily will hit the gridlock, affecting all who use Sunset. You can plan on your journey taking at least half an hour longer for the next two years. Huge dump trucks will be going up and down La Cienega.


The 5,000 residents living north of the Strip and many West Hollywood citizens were totally ignored at council meetings. A group called Citizens Organized Against Raleigh has filed a lawsuit against the city of West Hollywood. This is not a case of self-interest but one of self-preservation. There is no alternate route for Sunset. People will be trapped in their homes.

Wake up, folks! You’re about to be taken down the river while you’re floating upstream. Call your mayor. Call your councilman.


Los Angeles