Law Signed by Gov. Wilson Cuts County Budget Deeper


San Diego County was hit with another round of grim economic news Tuesday when Gov. Pete Wilson signed into law a trailer bill that had the net effect of increasing the county's state-imposed budget deficit by $8.1 million.

The bill Wilson signed took away the county's annual revenue from trial-court filing fees and gave it to the state. The county's accumulated deficit has now reached $47 million, up from last week's $38.9 million.

David Janssen, the county's chief administrative officer, said Tuesday he expects to announce the full impact of the cuts at the Board of Supervisors meeting Sept. 29.

"We're all in this together," Janssen said. "This problem is not going away. It won't get any better this year or the next. We're all having to share the pain."

For the first time, Janssen hinted at possible layoffs of county employees but said he hoped they weren't necessary. He spoke of possible salary cuts and work furloughs and mandatory--rather than voluntary--time off.

Plus, it may be necessary, he said, for the county to close its offices between Christmas and New Year's.

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