TV REVIEWS : ‘Mad About You’: Marital Combat Fatigue


Get ready for television’s newest battling couple.

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt share more chemistry than comedy as loving/bickering newlyweds Paul and Jamie Buchman. He makes documentaries, she’s in public relations.

We meet these attractive young urbanites in their Manhattan apartment, five months after their wedding.

But can thunderous ado over nothing be funny?

In the case of “Mad About You,” not very. The premiere of this NBC comedy series, at 9:30 tonight on Channels 4, 36 and 39, has the Buchmans continually clashing over matters so trivial that they appear trivial, making it difficult to care whether they make up.

They do take a breather from combat tonight, long enough for a quickie on their kitchen table while their unknowing guests are waiting in the living room. The Buchmans get cooking, but the humor doesn’t in this series, created by Reiser and Danny Jacobson, which is initially sleek and stylish but empty.