SATURDAY LETTERS : Culture or Business?

Letter writer Dennis Paul Gauci has a great idea ("Conal's Billboard," Saturday Letters, Sept. 19). Let's call businesses that parade as cultural and religious institutions what they really are--businesses.

Let's start with Pat Robertson's television business, which spins so much net income that it can consider buying an international press news service. Let's identify Robertson, who parades as a Christian preacher, for what he really is--a Christian businessman. Let's take him off the religious pages and put him in the Business section. And, by the way, call the IRS!

Let's do the same with Robert Schuller and the Crystal Cathedral. The State of California had the right idea. His cultural events are businesses and he is a prolific author, speaker and entrepreneur. Let's tax him and put him in the Business section too!

Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit business too. But I'll bet it ends each year with much less in the way of net income than Robertson or Schuller.



Robertson withdrew his $6-million buyout offer of United Press International in June, citing projected costs of "at least $31 million in 18 months" to keep afloat and upgrade UPI. Robertson's International Family Entertainment Inc. plans to buy London-based TVS Entertainment, owner of MTM Entertainment, for $68.5 million.

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